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The Evolutionary Arms Race - Natural Selection

The Evolutionary Arms Race - Natural Selection Species, so as to advance, must collect adjustments that are great for nature in which they live. These favored characteristics are what make an individual increasingly fit and ready to live long enough to imitate. Since ​natural choice picks these positive attributes, they get went down to the people to come. Others that don't show those attributes vanish and, in the end, their qualities are not, at this point accessible in the genetic stock. As these species advance, different species that are in close advantageous associations with those species should likewise advance. This is called co-advancement and it is frequently contrasted with a transformative type of a weapons contest. As one animal varieties develops, different species it connects with must likewise advance or they may go terminated. Balanced Arms Race On account of a balanced weapons contest in development, the co-advancing species are changing similarly. Normally, an even weapons contest is a consequence of rivalry over an asset in a region that is constrained. For instance, the underlying foundations of certain plants will become further than others to get water. As the water level goes down, just the plants with the more drawn out roots will endure. Plants with shorter roots will be compelled to adjust by developing longer roots, or they will kick the bucket. The contending plants will continue advancing longer and longer roots, attempting to beat one another and get the water. Awry Arms Race As the name suggests, an unbalanced weapons contest will bring about the species to adjust in various manners. This kind of developmental weapons contest despite everything brings about the co-advancement of the species. Most lopsided arms races originate from a predator-prey relationship or the like. For example, in the predator-prey relationship of lions and zebras, the outcome is an unbalanced weapons contest. The zebras become quicker and more grounded to get away from the lions. That implies the lions need to become stealthier and better trackers so as to continue eating zebras. The two species are not advancing similar kinds of attributes, yet in the event that one advances, it makes the need in different species to likewise advance so as to endure. Transformative Arms Races and Disease People are not insusceptible to the transformative weapons contest. Indeed, the human species is aggregating adjustments continually to battle ailment. The host-parasite relationship is a genuine case of a developmental weapons contest that can incorporate people. As parasites attack the human body, the human insusceptible framework will kick in to attempt to dispose of the parasite. In this way, the parasite must have a decent guard component to have the option to remain in the human without being slaughtered off or ousted. As the parasite adjusts and develops, the human invulnerable framework must adjust and advance too. So also, the marvel of anti-microbial obstruction in microscopic organisms is likewise a sort of developmental weapons contest. Specialists regularly recommend anti-microbials for patients that have a bacterial contamination with the expectation that the anti-infection agents will invigorate the invulnerable framework and slaughter off the malady causing pathogen. After some time and rehashed employments of anti-toxins, just microorganisms that have advanced to be resistant to the anti-infection agents will endure and the anti-infection agents will not, at this point be successful in killing off the microscopic organisms. By then, another treatment will be fundamental and power the human to either co-advance to ward off the more grounded microscopic organisms, or locate another fix to which the microbes are not safe. This is the motivation behind why it is significant for specialists not to overprescribe anti-microbials each time a patient is wiped out.

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Theories and ideologies #3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Speculations and belief systems #3 - Essay Example The progressions in both Marxism and disorder are planned to better the general public whenever embraced. Private enterprise has for since quite a while ago been the underhanded wheel turning the general public and has come about to creation of monstrous disparity both strategically and socially. Private enterprise prompts a financial method of creation that sees the rich keep getting more extravagant and the poor become less fortunate. The pioneers of free enterprise pay low wages to the workers sufficiently only to keep them alive however not to take part in other benefit making exercises that can rival them. Then, they keep making a great deal of benefit and growing their own financial domains. With monetary influence comes political influence and thus the rich additionally hold and control the political influence. Socialism carries correspondence to all both monetarily, socially and strategically. Everybody has what is essential and even the overflow is partitioned among the individuals. Political force is similarly shared and constrained by the individuals. Social order is obscure i n this general public and the normal topic is mutual possession thus harmony prevails1. A general public without singular proprietorship or a solitary type of initiative is the perfect society. Individuals are at freedom to claim join property and be in charge of the associations and authority. There is no administration to constrain individuals nor is their political administration to control the people2. Mankind is at freedom to practice their privileges and help each other as they wish. Social imbalance is obscure as all properties imaginable is shared among the individuals and nobody claims anything. Without individual property, initiative and authority, harmony wins among the individuals as there is no reason for strife. Social and monetary issues are taken care of by the entire network all in all and subsequently a bad situation for political belief systems. Laborers are in charge of the businesses and every industry is a free substance meaning nobody has command over it as an individual yet rather it is a network property

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Stefan’s Diaries Origins Chapter 20 Free Essays

I didn’t see Damon for the following barely any days. Father said he was investing energy at the camp, a thought that plainly filled him with no limited quantity of delight. Father trusted that Damon investing energy there would prompt him rejoining the military, despite the fact that I calculated his hours would be spent generally betting and discussing ladies. We will compose a custom article test on Stefan’s Diaries: Origins Chapter 20 or on the other hand any comparative subject just for you Request Now I, for one, was happy. Obviously, I missed my sibling, however I could always be unable to spend so much continuous, unchallenged time with Katherine if Damon was near. Honestly, despite the fact that I felt backstabbing to state it, Father and I adjusted well to Damon being no more. We started taking suppers together, amicably playing hands of cribbage after supper. Father would share his musings about the day, about the regulator, and about his arrangements to purchase new ponies from a homestead in Kentucky. For the hundredth time, I understood the amount he needed me to assume control over the bequest, and just because, I felt energy in that chance. It was a direct result of Katherine. I’d taken to going through every night in her chambers, leaving not long before work started in the fields. She hadn’t exposed her teeth since that night in the forested areas. Maybe that mystery meeting in the backwoods had made a huge difference. She required me to stay discreet, and I required all her me entirety. In her little, diminish room, everything was enthusiastic and perfectâ€it nearly felt as though we were love birds. Obviously, I considered how it would work, me developing more seasoned every year as Katherine remained similarly as youthful and excellent. Yet, that was an inquiry for some other time, after the dread of the vampire scourge was finished, after we were locked in, after we’d sunk into an existence without stowing away. â€Å"I know you’ve been investing energy with youthful Katherine,† Father said one night during supper, as Alfred gathered the dishes and presented to Father his all around worn deck of cards for us to play. â€Å"Y es.† I looked as Alfred emptied sherry into Father’s glass. In the flashing candlelight, the typically pink fluid looked like blood. He held the decanter to me, yet I shook my head. â€Å"So has youthful Damon,† Father watched, taking the card deck in his thick fingers and gradually palming it from hand to hand. I murmured, irritated that Damon had by and by come into a discussion about Katherine. â€Å"She needs a companion. Friends,† I said. â€Å"That she does. Furthermore, I’m happy that you’ve had the option to furnish her with companionship,† Father said. He set the cards facedown on the table and looked at me. â€Å"Y know, I don’t know especially about her ou Atlanta relations. I’d knew about her through one of my delivery accomplices. Extremely dismal, a young lady stranded by my delivery accomplices. Sad, a young lady stranded by Sherman’s fight, however there aren’t a lot of different Pierces that state they are aware of her.† I moved anxiously. â€Å"Pierce is a typical enough name. Furthermore, perhaps she doesn’t need to be associated with a portion of her relations.† I took a full breath. â€Å"I’m sure there are different Salvatores out there that we haven’t heard of.† â€Å"There’s a decent point,† Father stated, taking a taste of his sherry. â€Å"Salvatore isn’t a typical name, yet it’s a decent one. Which is the reason I trust you and Damon recognize what you’re getting into.† I gazed upward forcefully. â€Å"Fighting over the equivalent girl,† Father said just. â€Å"I wouldn’t need you to lose your relationship. I know I don’t consistently agree with your sibling, yet he’s your fragile living creature and blood.† I winced, the natural expression out of nowhere convoluted. Be that as it may, if Father saw, he didn’t state anything. He got the deck and looked at me eagerly. â€Å"Shall we play?† he asked, previously starting to bargain six cards to me. I got my stack, however as opposed to taking a gander at the cards, I looked somewhere off to the side, to check whether I could recognize any development from the carriage house through the window. Alfred strolled into the room. â€Å"Sir, you have a guest.† â€Å"A guest?† Father asked inquisitively, half standing up from the table. We once in a while had visitors gone to the domain except if there was a gathering. Father constantly favored gathering associates around or at the bar. â€Å"Please pardon my intrusion.† Katherine strolled in, her slim arms loaded up with a bundle of roses of every extraordinary shape and sizesâ€roses and hydrangeas and lilies of the valley. â€Å"Emily and I were picking the blossoms by the lake, and I figured you may value some color.† Katherine offered a little smile as Father solidly held out his hand for her to shake. He’d scarcely had a four-word discussion with Katherine since she’d showed up. I held my breath, as on edge as I would be on the off chance that I were acquainting Father with my pledged. â€Å"Thank you, Miss Pierce,† Father said. â€Å"And our home is your home. If you don't mind don’t feel you have to request that authorization come visit. We’d love to have you, at whatever point you wish to invest energy with us.† â€Å"Thank you. I wouldn’t need to be an imposition,† she stated, fluttering her eyelashes in a way that was powerful for any man. â€Å"Please, have a seat,† Father stated, settling down at the leader of the table. â€Å"My child and I were simply getting ready to play a hand of cards, yet we can absolutely put them away.† Katherine looked at our game. â€Å"Cribbage! My dad and I constantly used to play. May I join you?† She flashed a grin as she sunk into my seat and got my hand. In a split second, she grimaced and started improving the cards. How would she be able to, when stressed for her very presence, be so lighthearted and charming? â€Å"Why, obviously, Miss Pierce. On the off chance that you’d like to play, I’d be respected, and I’m sure my child would be glad to help you.† â€Å"Oh, I know how to play.† She set a card in the focal point of the table. â€Å"Good,† Father stated, putting his own card on hers. â€Å"And, you know, I do stress over you and your servant, in solitude in the carriage house. On the off chance that you need to move to the fundamental house, if you don't mind simply tell me and your desire is my order. I imagined that you might want some protection, yet with things as they are and all the risk †¦Ã¢â‚¬  Father trailed off. Katherine shook her head, a sorry excuse for a grimace crossing her face. â€Å"I’m not terrified. I survived a ton in Atlanta,† she stated, putting an ace on the table faceup. â€Å"Besides, the servants’ quarters are so close, they would hear me on the off chance that I screamed.† As Father set a seven of spades on the table, Katherine contacted my knee, gradually brushing it with a fluffy stroke. I flushed at the personal contact when my dad was so close, yet I didn’t need her to stop. Katherine set a five of precious stones on the card heap. â€Å"Thirteen. I figure I might be on a fortunate streak, Mr. Salvatore,† she stated, moving her peg one spot on the cribbage board. Father broke into a charmed smile. â€Å"Y ou’re a serious young lady. Stefan’s never truly comprehended the principles of this game.† The entryway pummeled, and Damon strolled into the room, his backpack behind him. He disregarded it onto the floor, and Alfred got it. Damon didn’t appear to take note. â€Å"Looks like I’m missing all the fun,† Damon stated, his tone accusatory as his look flicked from Father back to me. â€Å"Y are,† Father said essentially. At that point he really ou looked up and grinned at him. â€Å"Y oung Katherine here is demonstrating that she’s wonderful as well as that she has cerebrums, as well. An intoxicatingly angering combination,† Father stated, seeing that Katherine had piled on an extra point on the board when he wasn’t looking. â€Å"Thank you,† Katherine stated, deftly disposing of and getting another card. â€Å"Y ou’re making me become flushed. In spite of the fact that I do concede that I think your commendations are only a detailed arrangement for diverting me so you can win,† Katherine stated, scarcely trying to recognize Damon. I walked over to Damon. We stood together in the entryway, viewing Katherine and Father. Damon folded his arms over his chest. â€Å"What is she doing here?† â€Å"Playing cards.† I shrugged. â€Å"Do you truly think that’s wise?† Damon brought down his voice. â€Å"Given his assessments on her †¦ provenance.† â€Å"But don’t you see? It’s splendid. She’s beguiling him. I haven’t heard him giggle so hard since Mother died.† I felt unexpectedly insane with joy. This was better than anything I could have arranged. Rather than attempting to concoct an intricate plot to push Father off the vampire trail, Father would just observe that Katherine was human. That she despite everything had feelings and wouldn’t do any mischief put something aside for demolishing his series of wins at cribbage. â€Å"So what?† Damon inquired. â€Å"He’s a maniac on the chase. A couple of grins won’t change that.† Katherine emitted into laughs as Father put down a card. I brought down my voice. â€Å"I think in the event that we let him think about her, he’d alter his perspective. He’d understand that she doesn’t mean any harm.† â€Å"Are you crazy?† Damon murmured, grasping my arm. His breath resembled bourbon. â€Å"If Father thought about Katherine, he’d execute her in a moment! How would you know he’s not previously arranging something?† Simply then Katherine let out a chime of chuckling. Father tossed his head back, adding his rough snicker to hers. Damon and I fell quiet as she looked up from her cards. She found

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Utilitarianism And Christianity - Free Essay Example

A Christian perspective to PAS Pain suffering and death lie at the heart of the Christian story and for Christians the fundamental question with regards to PAS is what does life in Jesus Christ the one who hang on the cross, suffered and died a not so dignified death enable and require? Identifying with Christ in turn leads to questions of biblical authority and interpretation of Christianity. Jesus does not die a good death since for may a good death comes after many years of a fulfilling life in old age but Jesus dies tragically young, A good death is by way of natural causes but Jesus dies at the hands of people who hate him, a good death is easy and painless but Jesus dies a painful death. Christians know that since the particulars of Christ death may not necessarily apply to them, the central question has to do with the witness Christ calls them to make and as Christians encounter pain suffering and death in their own lives and the lives of others they need to examine the entire biblical witness which culminates in Christ and the communities witness to him.. Therefore, being faced with pressure to succumb to proponents of PAS it would be prudent to examine the biblical perspectives of pain, suffering and death in order to draw conclusions on whether PAS is right or wrong from the biblical perspective. Scripture presents several different strands of thinking about pain, suffering and death and each stand in relation to the other. These stand in some tension which each other but Christian identity rest not in the selection of one or the other but in living faithfully in the tension they create. There is an account of reported voluntary euthanasia involving King Saul and an Amalekite. The unnamed Amalekite tells King David that he killed Saul at Sauls request, as Saul was wounded in battle. Davids response is to have the Amalekite killed for touching Gods anointed. If indeed euthanasia and by extension PAS was beneficial, David would have rewarded the Amalekite and not sentenced him to death. The biblical hermeneutics would have several approaches to this passage and its meaning however it sets an attitude of restrain and disapproval against deliberate acts of terminating a life on the basis of mercy. Pain, suffering and death is also a consequence the fall and Paul also states the all humanity inherits and continues the history of sin and suffers death though only in Christ , the new Adam, is pain, suffering and death brought to an end . Pain and suffering is also a mystery as seen in the book of Job where he argues he has not sinned and if he had, the pain and suffering are disproportionately great, the psalmist also protest against undeserved pain and suffering he asserts his innocence and demands the God vindicates him, indeed we also see Jesus cry my God my God why have you forsaken me? This cry of anguish can be a faithful act. In demanding the God listen one expresses confidence that God is ultimately present in pain and suffering and the duty of the community is to stand with those who protest and to bear their burden as their own and not to complain it away. Pain, suffering and death is also redemptive as Paul reminds us that suffering can deepen our faith and trials and temptations become opportunities to learn endurance and to refine and purify faith. Ultimately also for the Christian, Christ has proclaimed victory over sin through his suffering, death and resurrection and the Christians encouragement therefore is this process leads to victory over the devil. In an attempt to apply the teachings of the holy scriptures, the Christian will not fear death and is encouraged to be present to the dying making all attempts to make ones physical condition as comfortable as possible and will not seek to prolong ones dying, proclaiming the new life in Jesus and entrusting the dying to his care. On the other hand, they must remember that God may be acting redemptively either for the dyings sake or on behalf of others. They will therefore refrain from actions that hasten death and be open to ways that God may be teaching them about trust, love and surrender to God. It is for this reason that traditionally Christians draw a distinction between active euthanasia and allowing one to die. They can support the withholding or withdrawing of treatment when death is imminent and medical intervention cannot reverse the dying process. Though this distinction is imperfect and indeed ethicists have argued that the intent is the same i.e hasten death. As concerns unrelieved pain and suffering we see Job crying out against the meaningless of the pain and suffering and his protest becomes an act of faith even in his attempt to seek meaning of this pain and suffering. Christians therefore should not despair when pain and suffering is meaningless but the community should instead be present and show solidarity and bear each others burdens and support each other as we are enabled e.g. provide adequate healthcare (especially pain control), bring together, inform adequately and empower all parties involved in end of life decisions as well as help parties involved deal with the emotional and spiritual suffering that makes continuing to live difficult. Indeed, this is compassion in action as in its absence euthanasia and PAS becomes an easier choice to take. Compassion is therefore the hallmark of good end of life care. The challenge to the Christian is to address these bioethical issues to those of different religions, the agnostic as well as the atheists among others. A unique group is the intellectuals whose main contrary world view is that of scientism and the most prevalent antichristian position is privatized therapeutic syncretism. That practicing scientism avoid the question of eternity and the significance of finitude. They refuse to acknowledge the real implication of life being infinitely insignificant. The question the evangelicals must ask themselves when dealing with those of such a worldview is : Can there be basis of for common discussion and at least common conclusions on bioethical issues? The answer is in the social contract which requires the acceptance of the concept that all human beings are endowed with fundamental worth and have a right to life that cannot be reduced. The social contract is an agreement for the moment and not for eternity. It therefore depends on persons having biological life and protects the individual from the state and other individuals including corporations. The social contract requires that one be deemed a person: a human being. Utilitarianism and Christianitys points of convergence Utilitarianism acknowledges that for majority to be happy sometimes the individual forgoes his/her happiness. This agrees with the concept of sacrifice in Christianity where the good of the others is placed ahead of ones own good. Such a sacrifice would be judged as morally good in utilitarianism even though it results in pain to the minority. Through scripture we note that God has nothing against happiness if this happiness is in conformity to His word e,g as depicted in the beatitudes. If the Christian then believes that their desire to be happy is God given then happiness itself can be related to goodness and the Christian will have a point of confluence when the utilitarian refers to happiness as intrinsically good. Christianity postulates that all are equal before God . This agrees with the utilitarian perspective of treating individuals and others with a degree of equality when determining what is morally right or wrong. Although utilitarianism rejects faith as a sufficient basis for ethics, it does not necessarily leave God out of the picture. Theistic utilitarianism simply argues that we need to understand how God communicates his will to us i.e. God teaches us through our senses. Christian utilitarianism says that proper observation of the world should tell us what God expects from us since the universe is Gods creation. We are created to be happy and the result od doing what God intends is happiness. If it be true that God desires the happiness of His creatures, and this was his purpose in their creation, utility is not only not a godless doctrine but more profoundly religious that any other. Utilitarianism and Christianitys points of divergence Classical utilitarianism is empirical stemming from an understanding that we as human beings desire pleasure and seek to avoid pain and human beings are seen as pleasure/pain organisms and bundles of experiences. In such a view a person has no value to herself or to others except for the satisfaction of experiences. Such a view leaves no room for the Christian understanding of human beings as made in the image of God with intrinsic rights. Our value as people is derived from God, who created us in his own image. The principle of utility seems to conflict with the teachings of Jesus. Christ invited the believer to join him in suffering, always to place others first, to turn the other cheek and to forgive. He also teaches that real happiness comes through the service of others ;a kind of happiness that cannot be measured or predicted in utilitarian terms. Utilitarianism does not consider motives and character as important, only the results and consequences. However to the Christian, character and motives(heart) rather than individual acts are key to moral good. To the Christian virtues like love ,joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, are the parameters through which right and wrong are assessed. Finally, utilitarianism assumes that truth comes through our senses and does not need to rely on a source. This is fundamentally in conflict with the Christian view as the latter derives truth from a source revealed to us through the scriptures. Jesus says I am the way the and the truth and the life . No one comes to the father except though me. It is through accepting Christ and walking in Him that the truth in all things is manifest and clearly this point of view is not accepted by utilitarianism as its heavily reliant on faith rather that senses and empirical evidence. Conclusion The right to die and dying with dignity are common slogans for the advancement of a narrative that supports PAS. The mature Christian should use this to shape their involvement and contribution to good end of life care. Faced with aggressive and innovative use of medical technology to sustain biological life often in the name of sanctity of life , the church must protect the right to die with human and Christian dignity cognizant that the meaning of a dignified death is given a deeper meaning than simply the ability die by ones own choosing but rather, protecting a dignified death means that the dying need to be assured that their lives will not be arbitrarily shortened, that they will not have to suffer needlessly, that they will not be subjected to unreasonable and burdensome therapies, that medical technology will be applied judiciously, that free, informed and quality consent will be respected and that they will not be abused or abandoned by the community in their dying. This the n means that excellent palliative care as a counter measure to PAS needs to be pursued more aggressively with the Christian fully engaged.

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Creative Writing on Community Spirit

Name of the Sales Team: Y The Manager, XYZ Excellence Awards Program Dear Sir, RE:   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   NOMINATION OF MR. X FOR THE XYZ EXCELLENCE AWARD, COMMUNITY SPIRIT CATEGORY We are pleased to nominate Mr. X for the above award. Mr. X has been our Area Manager for a period of †¦. During this period, we have known him as a real ambassador of the Company’s Community Spirit. We believe that this is the time to reward his outstanding services and dedication. Mr. X has been an invaluable asset in building the Company’s ethical and social reputation. Workplace unity has always been his guiding principle. This has enabled us interact freely with each other, learn from each other, and appreciate our diversity. In essence, we have become one family, with strong sense of belonging and unyielding friendship. Mr. X’s Community Spirit efforts go beyond the Company’s boundaries. He has been a good representative to the community as well. He treats the community at large as important stakeholders of the company. Mr. X has always been dedicated to giving back to the community. He continues to support community activities by dedicating his time, resources, and talents, and encourages his colleagues to do the same. This makes us believe that he is the most suited candidate for the above award. We, the thirteen members of Y Sales Team, believe that rewarding Mr. X is rewarding excellence. Regards, Y Sales Team (X and Y are not the real names)

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Working At Ibm As A Software Engineer - 2557 Words

One thing that a person realizes when they start working in a group of people is the fact that people are diverse. This can be in their way of thinking, their actions and even in the way they relate to one another. This makes the expected results to vary and become subjective in all manner of ways. This paper focuses on a clear description of the events that took place while I was working at IBM as a software engineer. This paper will focus with one of the projects; VPMI, which happened to be a very complex endeavor, not just for me, but also the team I was working with. Having been selected for the project for the sole reasons of my educational background; software engineering, I was automatically made the technical leader of the group. My other colleagues made the rest of the team. The way this group was structured was in a manner that everyone had a specific job to do, for instance, I was given the task of directing the other group members on the software to use for coding, how to do it in the simplest form and to present all the final material to the project manager after I had reviewed it. The task sounded simple when spelt out, however, it was not the case when work started. We usually had to meet occasionally for the purpose of discussing the next mile-stone for the project. This happened every Monday in the conference room, during this time we would agree on the project’s direction and the way that we would execute it. The project manager would facilitate this and weShow MoreRelatedWorking At Ibm As A Software Engineer2513 Words   |à ‚  11 Pages One thing that a person realizes when they start working in a group of people is the fact that people are diverse. This can be in their way of thinking, their actions and even in the way they relate to one another. This makes the expected results to vary and become subjective in all manner of ways. This paper focuses on a clear description of the events that took place while I was working at IBM as a software engineer. This paper will focus with one of the projects; VPMI, which happened to be aRead MoreSwot Analysis : The Business Sector Essay1252 Words   |  6 Pageskeeping all PIN numbers secure. IBM will be qualified for permit anybody utilizing costumers PIN to demand data or follow up for your sake. On the off chance that Costumer give IBM any directions, IBM may need time to check them before we follow up on them. IBM to be marginally undervalued because of the characteristic esteem inside its portfolio that is not perceived in the offer cost. It is a well-known wonder/aberrance that the value business sector is esteeming IBM at a markdown to crucial qualityRead MoreImportance Of Software Testing On Quality1036 Words   |  5 Pagesquestions that are used to explain the significance of software testing on quality in a sequential order. What are the Existing Procedures for Software Testing as Related to (1) Manual Testing and (2) Automated Testing? This research question is addressed by splitting into two sub questions. The first sub question is what are the existing procedures for software testing pertaining to manual testing? What are the existing procedures for software testing pertaining to manual testing? Manual testingRead MoreEmployment in the Information, Communication and Technology Sector1200 Words   |  5 PagesTechnology Sector Terms of Reference The purpose of this report is to fulfil the criteria laid out in the Communications and Work Experience Modules, G20001 and W200008 Introduction According to IBM, data created in the last two years account for 90% of the information available on networks and the internet. (IBM Research) As a consequence, it is not surprising that there is such high Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) skills demand. In May 2013, FIT Ireland (Fast Track to IT) conductedRead MoreComputer Engineering1702 Words   |  7 Pagespossessing a degree in the field of computer engineering is in the enviable position of being able to pick and choose among job offers with several major computer companies and other Fortune 500 employers. Over the last five years, demand for computer engineers has grown due to the rapid growth and advances in the computer industry. Computers are everywhere, and they are utilized to perform a variety of functions. In industry, computer-aided drafting programs are used to design manufacturing processesRead MoreMarketing Plan For A Company1177 Words   |  5 PagesI have selected a Company which name is IBM (International Business Machine). It was the the second topes’ IT related company in the world in the term of number of employees in 2012. It was founded at 1911 and serving people for 104 years. It has huge number of expertise in the field of Information technology. Over 170 countries in the world about 450,000 employees working under IBM. International Business Machine produces and markets PCs hardware, Software, middleware, and offers infrastructure,Read MoreComputer Systems Design And Related Services Industry908 Words   |  4 Pagesbusiness deal with the writing, mo difying, testing and management of computer software to meet the needs of customers. Employees that work in this industry code for large programs, install different types of software, and customize it to each customer s needs (Computer Scientists and Database Administrators). Specifically, Firms within the Industry design and create computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software, and communications technologies. These firms also update or fix computerRead MoreHow To Perform The Role Of A Team Leader?1533 Words   |  7 Pagesdetermined effort at root cause. KEY SKILLS/EXPERIENCE †¢ Diagnosis system design †¢ Software design of mini language †¢ Hardware Failure Mode and Effects Analysis †¢ Automated Software diagnosis †¢ Root Cause Analysis †¢ New Product Introduction and Service Rollout †¢ Critical Situation Management †¢ Organize and communicate on cross functional teams ACCOMPLISHMENTS Designed and implemented a mini language for automated software diagnosis. Generated a grammar for the given use cases, leveraged parser fromRead MoreThe World s Biggest Pc Programming1275 Words   |  6 Pagesbusiness visionary who helped to establish, alongside Paul Allen, Microsoft, the world s biggest PC programming organization. Gates indicted his first programming system at 13 years old. In secondary school he profited structure a gathering of software engineers who modernized their school s payroll framework and established Traf-O-Data, an organization that sold activity tallying frameworks to neighborhood governments. In 1975 Gates, then a sophomore at Harvard, joined the place where he grew up companionRead MoreThe 1964 Operating System by IBM Essay1126 Words   |  5 PagesWhy the 1964 Operating System by IBM was so important to how computers are made today? Gary Tibbals Fountainhead College of Technology During a press release April 7, 1964 IBM Board Chairman Thomas J. Watson Jr. announced this was the most important product in the company’s history. (unknown, IBM, 1964). IBM knew that this was a special system due to how the system support was on a wide array of applications and it was the first operating system to require direct-access storage devices

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Marijuana10 Essay Example For Students

Marijuana10 Essay In Amusing Ourselves to Death, Neil Postman alerts us to the dangers brought about by the way television conditions us to tolerate the brevity of visual entertainment. His message is that with each new technological medium introduced, there is a significant trade-off. His primary example was the medium of television. TV is structured to provide information to the viewer on a platform which is both quick and entertaining. This discourages any viewer subjectivity, allowing television to shape and dictate politics, education, religion, and journalism the essence of our discourse. Except for a few pages of enlightenment, the entire book was a conglomerated resource of evidence to support his hypothesis. Important facts underlined generalizations to present logical and agreeable viewpoints.(e.g. Television is our cultures principle mode of knowing about itself. Therefore how television stages the world becomes the model for how the world is properly to be staged( Postman 92) In other word s, how life is depicted on television is how we expect life to be.) And in most cases some truth could be found in Postmans statements (e.g. For no medium is excessively dangerous if its users understand what its dangers are.) (Postman161) Postmans final critical point was not merely enlightenment, but was a message to his reader and a solution aimed at educators: the point I am trying to make is that only through a deep and unfailing awareness of the structure and effects of information, through a Bibbs 2 demystification of media, is there any hope of our gaining some measure of control over television , or the computer, or any other medium. (Postman 161) I agree. Until we begin to question the content, origin, and purpose of what is expressed through television, only then can we truly understand and control the medium known as TV. More specifically my report will stress the merit of chapters six through eleven. The Age of Show Business is essential to the development of Postmans p rimary example of how the structure of television influences American culture. The problem is not that Tv presents us with entertaining subject matter but that all subject matter is presented as entertaining (Postman 87) Plainly stated, American television is devoted entirely to supplying its audience with entertainment. Television has made a profound impact on the American society. Postman claims that due to the influence of television as a medium, Americans no longer talk to each other, they entertain each other. In chapter six of Amusing Ourselves to Death , Neil Postman goes on to point out that because of television we do not exchange ideas; we exchange images. I found this to be a valid hypothesis when considering if and how television had been an influence on my styles of learning. While performing an in-class questionnaire, I discovered that the exercise both identified and defined several characteristics of what seemed to be a trend set in my learning pattern. Of the five c ategories mentioned in Kathleen McWhorters Study Critical Thinking Skills in College, collectively they revealed that I was a social, visual, and pragmatic but not opposed to creative learner. Bibbs 3 McWhorter defined a social learner as one who prefers to work closely with others and enjoys personal interaction; which explains my active classroom participation. Visual learners process information more effectively by seeing it in print, film, or through other visual mediums. Finally, pragmatic learners are practical, logical, and systematic and are comfortable following rules. (McWhorter 113) In all cases I can see where I fit the diagnosis. With this information it was evident that television had played a role in the development of my learning style. To make the connection, I will attempt to use a childrens television show. Sesame Street was my favorite show to watch on television; as a child my choices were limited! At that early age, Sesame Street was in a way programming me to become both a social and visual learner, or so I thought. Through the association of puppets with real people they provided a pseudo-learning environment that encouraged kids to sing-along the alphabet and attempt to solve arithmetic problems by counting sheep or how many cookies the cookie monster ate. This not only promoted a group atmosphere, but also displayed the learning that was taking place on screen, or did it? Although the show did try to instill into children a set of everyday values, (such as do onto others as you would have them do onto you) I don ‘t believe that the show alone (or those like it ) could ever replace the classroom setting. Under closer discretion I realized that the classroom provides a place of social interaction which is essential to the healthy development of children. The viewing of television is more or less a private, secluded act. In class, children can ponder the essence of questions asked by their teachers either amongst themselves or wit h their teacher. This is very important in the development of linguistics, the Bibbs 4 basis of higher elementary education, whereas television merely demands attention to images. Looking more deeply into the subject, I started to wonder if my learning styles would account for my exceptional aptitude and intellectual level being poorly portrayed through my high school transcripts. High school is largely conducted on an independent and auditory scale resulting with instructors hoping to find in their students some aspect of creativity. In my eyes, that concept is totally paradoxical. If educators encourage the institution of such educational programs which supplement long listening activities with quick editing, up-beat tunes, and fun images, when do they expect the student to adapt to lectures and critical analyzing ? Although I found a side of truth in my questioning, it was still no excuse; it didnt apply to me! Frankly I find myself surprised to say that I probably would have fai red about the same without the influence of television in my life. The printing press would have served as well as television in the aspect of becoming a visual learner. From just reading alone, I would assume to be a more logical thinker, causing my pragmatics to increase. And as far as being a social learner- well Ive always been a social person. In conclusion, I dont agree with Mr. Postman in the belief that our public discourse through the medium of television, is making us less social in the sense of conversation and epistemology. I feel that it is the way of 20th century man to communicate through his most for lack of a better term effective medium of communication as was that of our predecessors to communicate through theirs (i.e. print or debate). We are only following suit or maybe the natural course of man to be entertained by our discourse McWhorter, Kathleen. Study Skills and Crtical Thinking for College Students Postman, Neil. 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